Benefits of ZenSmart

ZenSmart is a refreshing new blend of formulations that will enrich your body and mind. They are convenient, delicious, and packed full of goodness for health, vitality and peace of mind.

ZenSmart represents the latest technological advances in nutritional science, and most importantly, they are drinks that opens up a world of well-being and harmony. ZenSmart is crafted with the finest ingredients and rich flavors for physical health as well as mental vitality.

With the ZenSmart formulations we teamed up with mother nature to create the delicious ultimate ohm in a drink.

A smart infusion of adaptogens to give you that chilled out feeling and to help positively balance mood and is lightly sparkling to keep you feeling uplifted and refreshed.


Power of Adaptogens

Science behind adaptogenic stress support is complex. However, the superordinate effect of Adaptogens is to increase life-force energy (chi or qi), which in turn enhances the body’s ability to counteract and recover from physical, mental, and emotional stress.
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