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We have created a range of unique formulations that incorporate technology from scientific research and the wisdom of nature’s finest ingredients.

ZenSmart is a great tasting Vitamin and Adaptogen infused drink range that harnesses the benefits of nature's ingredients, with the advances of modern science to promote an improved state of mind and body.

Smart means so much more than just delicious ingredients coming together to create a great product range, it’s about a better way of life in all its aspects – healthy living, enjoying life to the fullest, peace of mind, well-being and vitality.

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Power of Adaptogens

Science behind adaptogenic stress support is complex. However, the superordinate effect of Adaptogens is to increase life-force energy (chi or qi), which in turn enhances the body’s ability to counteract and recover from physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Adaptogenic herbs are the focus of our formulations. One of the things that make these herbs unique is their ability to adapt. We began with a wide variety of these whole herbs in our blends, and we selected those that scored the highest for their ability to manage stress, focus, and promote a state of relaxed alertness. Then we carefully balanced them for optimum taste and function.

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The ZenSmart Difference

Open your door to a world of possibilities, with powerful formulas that taste great and are good for you. ZenSmart combines ethically sourced herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant-based antioxidants to deliver a delicious experience that supports your health and well-being on a multitude of levels.

ZenSmart is powered by Adaptogenic herbs that can help improve your well-being and provide a feeling of Chill, Focus, Thrive. It’s all about how the ingredients work together in a blend so that each one is more effective than it would be on its own.

After spending 5 years crafting unique patented multi-functional formulations, we took things to the next level by adding a patented, clinically proven prebiotic and these formulations became known as ZenSmart+ and will be coming soon thus providing you, with the choice of great tasting adaptogenic and vitamin and mineral enriched drinks, with or without the addition of Prebiotics.

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ZenSmart +

Life's a journey and being well-prepared is essential. While not everyone needs gut health support, more and more scientific evidence shows that a large amount of people need the benefits a quality prebiotic can provide.

In the spirit of this need, ZenSmart+ has incorporated all the functional ingredients and delightful flavors known in the ZenSmart range and then added to them the gut health and immune support benefits of BeniCaros Prebiotic.

This innovative addition to our unique formulations maintains our commitment to excellence, now leveraging the clinically proven advantages of BeniCaros to enrich our adaptogenic blends.

Each sip of ZenSmart+ with BeniCaros is designed to nourish your body and elevate your wellness journey. Both ZenSmart and ZenSmart+ product ranges are like tasting natural fruit infused with sunshine

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Clinically Proven Prebiotic

ZenSmart+ offers the same benefits as our ZenSmart Adaptogenic Formulations but is additionally Infused with the patented and clinically proven prebiotic BeniCaros
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